Product design
Creative direction


This is my baby. I did creative direction, copywriting, front-end development and shaped the story of Went Bent.
We set out to democratize fashion. This meant offering products that looked and felt like the Gucci’s of the world, while not breaking the customers’ banks. Pretty straightforward, right?
First batch of products arrived… and all laptop cases were bent. This was the end. Or at least, so we thought. Instead it ended up being a source of inspiration for us and that’s how it Went Bent.


Art Direction

Fun + Copywriting

Our first computer bag.
Permanent protection
Not a drive-by but a drive-thru.
Our store is open 24/7 with free delivery in Sweden.
Lays $2.59, M&M $2.99 and Went Bent $70.
Art direction
Fun + Copywriting